How setting goals has made me a better person

Don’t you find that you always try and do too much in a day and not enough in a year?  I used too.   A couple of years ago I read a random blog post about setting annual personal goals.  I wish I knew where this was as I would link to it, but I have no idea how or why I found it.  But what I can honestly say is that the blog post has had a huge impact on my life.  Continue reading

4 weeks on and already I’m learning

Simplifi was 1 month old on the 1st of December. I installed Google Anaylics before it launched but I decided not to look at them for at least a month. As I expected visits to be none existent, and I did not want to demotivate myself. So on Monday the 2nd of December I logged into anaylics and was pleasantly surprised


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The Top 10 Facts & Stats about Mobile from Webit

Today 7th November 2013 I’ve listened to some inspiring sessions from Stephanie Hospital, Executive Vice President, Orange. Steffen Krabbenhoft, Head of Mobile EMEA Medoacome, and
Stephen Upstone, Founder if Loop me.

In this post I’ve listed 10 facts & stats about mobile which should get you thinking about the size of this channel, and the opportunities available. Continue reading