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How setting goals has made me a better person

Don’t you find that you always try and do too much in a day and not enough in a year?  I used too.   A couple of years ago I read a random blog post about setting annual personal goals.  I wish I knew where this was as I would link to it, but I have no idea how or why I found it.  But what I can honestly say is that the blog post has had a huge impact on my life.  Continue reading

4 weeks on and already I’m learning

Simplifi was 1 month old on the 1st of December. I installed Google Anaylics before it launched but I decided not to look at them for at least a month. As I expected visits to be none existent, and I did not want to demotivate myself. So on Monday the 2nd of December I logged into anaylics and was pleasantly surprised


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